We have been carrying on business in the field of architecture since 1997. Having started the research process of industry-specific technological breakthrough that we dreamed of in 2006, we became the first architectural firm that receives TUBITAK's support. Our team consists of architects, civil engineers and industrial designers.

We brought together technology and architecture with a new mentality that will radically change the process of creating spaces in the world.

We are building all structures with parts that can be repeated in few variations. We are manufacturing them with mold technology, conducting the safety tests and putting all the structure inside boxes. We can remove, install, disassemble, package and reuse them. With this technology, we provide architectural solutions that give freedom of design and expression, and freedom of movement with savings on labour and time.
Our R&D activities, which are still in progress at YTU Technopark, are supported by TUBITAK and Yıldız Technical University.

We are the first architectural firm which designs permanent and temporary spaces thanks to smart pieces manufactured with mold technology and suitable for mounting and demounting several times, aims to change "volume creation" in the world radically, and provide a technology, which is patented by domestic and internationally recognized institutions.
Looking simply and simplifying...
Since the first project we provided in the field of architecture, we had one goal. A system that could solve the chaos in construction sector, which hadn't made any remarkable progress since industrial revolution... Current building construction process is based on a conventional technology, which wastes natural sources. On the other hand, commonly used prefabrication methods used in building sector provide an unproductive and uniform view. However, buildings can be constructed with few intelligently designed components.
Our primary goal was not only to become a good actor in our sector, but also make the technological breakthrough that the sector needs. With our current focus on "Maru intelligence," which will change the game, we are producing accessible technological spaces in the field of accommodation, a fundamental right of all individuals.
We are mathematicising the action in a rapid, clean and foreseeable manner with an accessible, smart and leading attitude that distinguishes itself from the "power and capital" oriented messages in our sector.
We believe that success can be possible through bringing the right person together with the right job.

Maru intelligence's marginal stance and its exploration spirit that aims to think outside the box, is the benchmark of our corporate culture. We provide the possibility of not only working for a business, but also for a revolution, and bring qualified persons together for this common goal.

If you are among those, who want to make a genuine innovation in this field, have a look at what we can do together,
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