NX System Family is the first reusable modular system, which meets different space requirements ranging from the desktop display units to highly sophisticated multi-storey temporary buildings.

NX System Family basically consists of channel type, carrier, natural eloxal profiles, which are connected to various flat dividing components, and special alloy stainless steel precision-casting nodes, -which are connected to these profiles.
Nx-Lock While patented NX-Lock components, which is positioned inside the carrier aluminum profiles, is not seen between the main components of the system but provides a reliable bolt combination, it also shortens installation time without damaging visual integrity and increases carrying capacity.
Nx-Node Technology We believe that the technique used in demountable skeleton structures in order to connect carrier bars to each other, determines the performance of the whole system in many fields.

NX System Family uses NX-Node components for this connection. Yield strength of NX-Node, which has a special geometry that provides connection with angle braces in different characteristics, is six times higher than that of a standard stainless steel. NX-Node, along with patented NX-Lock component, ensures that the whole system has a bearing capacity in proportion to bar diameter, which is far higher than that of all modular framing systems.

Although NX-Node components has a very compact structure in contrast to conventional systems thanks to its innovative modular geometry, it can be connected to several environmental elements at the same time, and provides a perfect aesthetical integration with these elements
Iso Box Iso-box add-in allows creating spaces which are visually and acoustically isolated in different levels. NX Iso-box concept provides high level of sound absorbency and acoustical isolation thanks to its double-glazed and micro-blinds systems, and modules equipped with special panels. Product families, which it is compatible with, are: NX COMPACT, NX, NX JUMBO and NX ULTRA.
Double Deck It contains architectural components such as ladder, parapet, which will be used in two storey structures for NX JUMBO and NX ULTR product families.
Triple Deck It contains architectural components such as ladder, parapet, which will be used in two storey structures for NX ULTRA product family.
Clear Form It allows architects to design the structures without any visual restrictions by providing intelligent connection configuration system, panel fastening system, which conceals carrier profiles and a panel infrastructure suitable for these components for all the product families in NX series.
Outdoor Outdoor add-in contains architectural components such as isolated panel, roof system, which will be used in spaces to be constructed outdoors for NX, NX JUMBO and NX ULTRA.
Elevator Elevator add-in contains an elevator system for NX ULTRA product family, which is designed particularly for three storey buildings.