SPACED INTEGRATED FROM THE INSIDE OUT 1 system and 1001 possibilities, which reveal the actual system potential as the level of sophistication needed increases…

Imagine that you can design the whole structure down to the last detail with the same technology and materials, and change its location after it dries quickly. Several technological elements with internationally recognized patents are combined in this system.
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IT CAN BE PACKED AND STOCKED We reduced virtually endless components to 3 categories. Just as the universe is made of assemblies in different levels of many atoms, we reduced countless components of architecture to what is needed;

to horizontal, vertical and binders
(smart nod). In our architectural vocabulary, the concept of ‘’smart building’’ is the equivalent of packable stackable and portable services.
ALUMINUM AND COMPOSITE CARRIER SYSTEM Aluminum, which provides recycling by 92%, was used in architecture in different forms such as plate, extrusİon or composite panel. This superior elaborateness and waxen material is first presented in a carrier system with "Maru Intelligence"
Hassas Döküm
THE WORLD'S FIRST PATENT PROTECTED BUILDING Maru Archi•Technology, which owns the only system that is protected with an end-to-end patent in the world, still continues its R&D activities at YTU Technopark with the support of TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). Take a closer look at NX and MX system with five international patents please click
SUSTAINABILITY Buildings which are constructed with conventional methods increase use of energy and material by 80%, water by 20%, forests by 25% and also increase CO2 emission by 33%. In conventional buildings, rate of recycled materials is only 5%.

Maru Archi•Technology builds environmentally friendly structures that give priority to the use of renewable energy sources, use all the spaces in the most efficient manner possible, and protect the health and comfort of people by considering future generations under all circumstances and in each period of its existence.
RECYCLING In the structures built with Maru technology,
50% of horizontal panels,
76% of vertical panels,
and 100% of carrier nodes can be recycled.
Developing a real innovation in material and resource use; our technology allows you to be certified in 4 standards in 1 step;

Sustainable land
Indoor life quality
Savings in the use of materials and resources